Known Issues
  • The View Current Mapping page is not selectable in Internet Explorer 11, but does work in other browsers such as Google Chrome.
  • There have been instances reported where View Current Mapping does not work due to the ExchangeSyncIdMappingSet not returning records in CRM 2016 via oData. To test the retrieval of these records via oData, use the following URL appended to the host address of your CRM instance:


Note: The Web API also experiences this issue. This does not appear to be an issue with the profiler but rather with how CRM handles the retrieve of these records via oData services.

  • The Profiler, Profiler Data, and Profiler Log entities contain unnecessary parental relationships to the Activity entity. As a result, these entities will appear in the Set Regarding lookup for Activities.
  • ToCrmChangeType and FromCrmChangeType are not reliably committed. Please note that this behavior is observed in CRM and is not symptomatic of the profiler.
  • Profiler Data records will lose their link to their associated ACT items if the ACT items are deleted due to the Remove Link referential cascade setting. This will be addressed in a future release.

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