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Project Description

Server Side Synchronization Profiler is a managed solution for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015 and Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2016 that allows administrators to monitor and troubleshoot the behavior of mailboxes configured for ACT synchronization.

The solution is composed of several synchronous plugin steps that trigger on create, update, and delete of ExchangeSyncIdMapping records, which then capture the current executing state of the ExchangeSyncIdMapping record to a custom entity. This allows administrators to inspect, or "profile", the behavior of these records as they are transitioning throughout the synchronization process. This can be helpful in determining the change states between CRM and Exchange during synchronization for specific items, as well inspecting error details as they occur.


  • Supports profiling of specific mailboxes filtered by operation type and ACT records for which users are synchronizing. 
  • Supports profiling of orphaned records in Exchange Server.
  • Supports profiling of incoming Create Events in CRM during synchronization (Track in CRM / Copies).
  • Retrieve and compare current mappings in real-time.

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